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Stories from Where We Live

I’ve published several stories and essays in the exciting literary series called Stories From Where We Live. Each anthology focuses on one North American ecosystem and contain stories and poems that reflect the environment.

Stories from Where We Live: The North Atlantic Coast
My stories include two from Granny and Grandpa Erskiine
"Sail by the Moon"
"Never Go Home Without A Fish"

Stories from Where We Live: The Great North American Prairie
"Bringing Back the Buffalo"
This essay is about Fred DuBray, a Lakota Indian, who is in charge of the largest Native American buffalo herd.

Stories from Where We Live: The California Coast
"Almost A Hanging"
George, the hero of this story, was Grandpa Erskine’s father.

"Fire in the Chaparral!"
(co-author Cleo Woelfle-Erskine)
My son Cleo knows more about our chaparral ecology that I do, so we worked together on this essay.

Stories from Where We Live: The Great Lakes
"Saving Lake Erie"
I grew up on Lake Erie and I tell the story of how the lake almost died, and came back to life.

Milkweed Editions
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Illustration from STORIES FROM WHERE WE LIVE: THE CALIFORNIA COAST(Minneapolis: Milkweed Editions, 2001). Copyright © 2001 by Trudy Nicholson.Reproduced with permission from the illustrator.